LANDSCAPE - Glossary

The arena of arts for change work uses many terms. We offer three categories of terms and their definitions based on professional sources and informed by the field, acknowledging that others may define such terms differently and that definitions evolve.


Social Change Terms

Definitions to help differentiate the many terms used to describe the kinds of change that arts and cultural efforts strive to make in communities and society.  Terms include:  social change, social justice, social activism, civic engagement, civic dialogue, community building, social capital, community development, and cultural vitality.

Arts and Culture Terms

Definitions of terms related to arts and culture and the intersection of arts and community, civic, and social change that have evolved within and across fields of practice including: art, culture, community cultural development, cultural democracy, community engagement, and arts-based civic engagement.

Evaluation Terms

A glossary of common evaluation terms and definitions useful in efforts to assess social impact of socially engaged arts.  Terms selected include the types of and approaches to evaluation and standard research concepts.