Bring it to the Table

Location:  Montclair, NJ
United States
Project Description: 

Democracy is founded on robust dialogue, but somewhere along the line, politics replaced sex as the one thing in America we don’t discuss in mixed company – even amongst friends and family. Bring it to the Table is a participatory online platform, community engagement campaign, and webisode series aimed at bridging political divides and elevating the national conversation. The project is for those who are tired of hyper-partisanship. Here’s how it works: - We are taking a Table Tour to communities across America, where we will invite people to sit down and express their beliefs on camera. - You can send us questions that you want to hear answered at the Table. - We will stream periodic webisodes from the Table Tour. - We will categorize the questions you have submitted, so you can vote on which questions should be asked, and join the conversation by answering questions yourself. Join us in making politics an acceptable topic for dinner conversation again! This is a project of Talking Eyes Media, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with extensive experience producing films, books and multi-media on pressing social issues. Learn more about Talking Eyes Media at