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Tamms Year 10
Chicago, IL
In 2008, ten years after Tamms CMAX Prison opened, human rights advocates started a program to help those incarcerated there to cope with the long-term and inhumane conditions. Tamms Year 10 is a project created by human rights activists that allows the public to get insight into the negative effects of extended solitary confinement, and how it directly correlates with the inability for inmates to react to rehabilitation tactics and creates poor mental health. Tamms Poerty and the Photo Request from Solidarity are both projects that use the arts to help connect those in confinement with the
TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater
Madison, WI
TAPIT/new works creates, produces and performs original works, collaborating with artists working in the disciplines of theater, tap dance, visual arts and music; brings the arts to audiences of all ages and backgrounds; encourages participation in the arts through outreach; and enriches the lives of individuals and communities. Our work is all about artistic innovation and community connection.
Teaching Artist Academy
Burlington , VT
The Teaching Artist Academy is a new project of the Orchestra Engagement Lab. In the first year of the Lab, we guided ten orchestras to create ambitious new community engagement projects in their home areas, in relation to a co-commission of a new orchestral work. This year we are adding a five day intensive Academy to train musicians in ways to design and lead ambitious community engagement projects. The project is led by Eric Booth and a team of experienced Teaching Artists.
Tear Up the Front Page: Performance and Public Discussion
Madison, WI
Tear Up the Front Page: Performance and Public Discussion combined statewide listening sessions in Wisconsin with the performance of a new play by Danielle Dresden focusing on media issues and the challenges faced by reporters in our contemporary socio-political climate. There were five statewide media listening sessions with follow-up visits to three of the sites.
Teatro Fo/ teatro ambulante/ theater on wheels
Dallas, TX
"The theater is a call to not lose goodness and in addition to pointing out the causes of what happens, it also shows us that it is possible to change…" (Luis de Tavira).  Furthermore theater is born in the popular neighborhoods and cannot belong only to a section of the more privileged society.
Teatro Flor Candela
Dallas, TX
The mission of Teatro Flor Candela is to make theatre accessible to all inhabitants of the Dallas/Fort Worth region. We believe that theatre is an essential part of the development of any person and thus should be accessible to individuals of any background, education level, or socioeconomic status.
Tectonic Theater Project
New York, NY
Tectonic Theater Project is an award-winning company dedicated to developing innovative works that explore theatrical language and form, fostering an artistic dialogue with its audiences on the social, political, and human issues that affect us all. In service to this goal, Tectonic supports readings, workshops, and full theatrical productions, as well as training for students around the country in its play-making techniques. Tectonic has focused on creating groundbreaking productions constructed from detailed review of interviews, letters, journals, and historical documents.
Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship (TEMA)
Brooklyn, NY
The Teen Empowerment Mural Apprenticeship (TEMA) is an after-school program, modeled on a traditional apprenticeship, in which teens create public art for community-based organizations, working in Groundswell's studio with a particular emphasis on skills development. Youth in Groundswell programs develop and hone their skills in four key areas – creativity; collaboration; critical thinking; and compassion.
Telling Stories
San Diego, CA
Telling Stories creates theatre from the life experiences of youth in the foster care system. Playwright Project developed the program in partnership with the LEAP (Leadership Empowers All Possibilities) Board of the San Diego Foster Youth Initiative, a group of young adults involved in advocating for changes to the system. The LEAP Board named the program after a sentiment frequently expressed by foster youth: “We go through many trials and tribulations and when we talk about what has happened to us, the response is ‘You’re lying. That didn’t happen.
Temple University Music Preparatory Division
Philadelphia, PA
~~Temple Music Prep’s Community Music Scholars Program (CMSP), which provides comprehensive and high-quality music instruction for low income school children from Philadelphia. For 30 weeks during the academic year, students engage with instructors and peers in music education and development.
Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture
New York, NY
Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture was a 10-day public event consisting of lectures, discussions, presentations, film screenings, and a range of participatory events, bringing together architects, activists, geographers, planners, economists, and the general public. The project was conceptualized by the biannual journal on architecture and politics An Architectur and was commissioned and hosted by Performa and Storefront for Art and Architecture.
Tennessee Arts Commission
Nashville, TN
The mission of the Tennessee Arts Commission is that the citizens of Tennessee have access to and participate in the arts.
Tenure Team Initiative (TTI)
Syracuse, NY
The Tenure Team Initiative (TTI) is one of the consortium's most important initiatives to date, and seeks to articulate and support the adventurous work of publicly engaged scholars and artists. Led by National Co-chairs, Nancy Cantor (Chancellor and President of Syracuse University) and Steven D. Lavine (President of the California Institute of the Arts), team members seek to develop a broad understanding of the university’s public mission and its impact on changing scholarly and creative practices in the cultural disciplines.
Terra Moto Inc.
Portland, ME
Founded in 1989, Terra Moto Inc. is a multi-disciplinary nonprofit arts organization (501(c)(3)) that brings the imaginative reach and transformative power of creativity into civic life. Since 2000, under Executive Director Marty Pottenger's leadership, Terra Moto Inc. has focused on performance, community arts projects and arts-based civic dialogues. Since 2007, Terra Moto's core project has been Art At Work, a national initiative to improve municipal government through strategic arts projects with city employees, unions, elected officials and community.
Terraced Cascade
Scottsdale, AZ
The Terraced Cascade, which was commissioned by the Scottsdale Public Art Program and the City of Scottsdale Municipal Services Department, is an environmental artwork and theater garden that draws inspiration from water and manmade inscriptions on the desert. Expressed as both miniature watershed and abstraction of the human body, it provides a means for communtiy members to imagine their place within the larger Indian Bend Wash - a waterhshed with alternating conditions of drought and flooding.
TerraLuna Collaborative
Minneapolis, MN
TerraLuna Collaborative views the arts as humanity’s developmental evaluation. Arts-Based Evaluation (ABE) collects, analyzes, and reports data through artistic methods. Examples of ABE methods include photovoice, the visual matrix, verbatim theatre, and gesture harvesting. Coupled with applied neuroaesthetics, Arts-Based Evaluation creates ongoing and dynamic emotional connections to data, inspiring positive change.
tess sarbutt
San Francisco, CA
I want to facilitate art-making that changes lives and builds community. I believe that quality of life is enhanced by making things, not consuming them. I want to prioritize /privilege women’s stories to examine and strengthen matrifocal aspects of cultural bonds. I want to share the outcomes with my own cultural world to encourage the possibility of enhancing matrifocal aspects of our world communities.
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Texas Commission on the Arts
Austin, TX
The Texas Commission on the Arts’ mission is to develop a receptive climate for the arts in Texas. To accomplish its mission, TCA awards grants, promotes the arts, and raises funds to enhance support of the arts in Texas.
That Uppity Theater Company
St. Louis, MO
That Uppity Theatre Company's name reflects its character -- bold, brave, and willing to step outside the status quo in order to instigate social change, promote civic dialogue, and produce transformative theatrical art of the highest quality for people of all ages.