A Place to Start

Just what is this call to measure social impact? Maybe you’re wondering, what exactly is meant by social impact and why it’s important to measure.  Perhaps you need a jump-start creating an evaluation plan that’s useful to you and your partners and that feels in sync with the core values of your arts-based engagement work. Here is your place to get started!

In A Place to Start, explore:

What is Social Change?

Consider common terms related to social change such as civic engagement, community development, social capital, and social justice.  Distinguish and express how your cultural work is oriented toward change making.

Why Measure Social Impact?

Take into account internal motivations and external imperatives that make measuring social outcomes increasingly important.

What Values Support Evaluation?

Draw upon valued practices inherent in arts and social change work, such as valuing context, story, and participation, in your evaluation of social impact.

How Do We Begin?

Explore three options for getting started on your evaluation plans with special attention to evaluating for social impact.

Evaluation Terms: A Glossary

Learn key evaluation concepts and terms as they are defined and used on this site.