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Tomorrows Partners

Sparkwise, a new kind of digital dashboard developed by design and innovation firm, Tomorrow Partners, uses visually compelling platforms to share the stories of impact of films and visual media. Measuring the impact of films and visual media is made easier by this all-in-one platform that tracks social media, publicity, and community engagement. Free, cloud-based, and open source, Sparkwise transforms measurements of impact into videos, maps, and graphs that make sharing impact easy and accessible for media artists, funders, stakeholders, and audiences. Organizations can use Sparkwise to map their social media outreach efforts, track how their videos go viral, or share annual reports in more dynamic formats. Sparkwise customizes every organization’s board with “widgets” that makes it easy to track, publish, and embed impact stories throughout the organization's website and social media presence. Sparkwise emerged from an earlier iteration of an impact dashboard tool, which was developed in partnership with Bay Area Video Coalition, a coalition of artists and activists committed to inspiring social change through art, education, and technology. With the development and launch of Sparkwise, Tomorrow Partners acknowledges that gathering and visualizing data about a story's presence online and across social media is a crucial piece of the impact puzzle alongside qualitative research, expert opinion, and anecdotal evidence.  By engaging visual communications strategies, Sparkwise sets the bar high for measuring sharing impact in an accessible format. Tomorrow Partners is a design and innovation firm helping visionary organizations negotiate an ever-changing world. Their design thinkers, makers, researchers and strategists use their cross-disciplinary creative firepower to imagine and realize opportunities for positive impact.

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