Matt Mitchell

Artist Statement: 

Matt Mitchell seeks ways to interact with issues in the public realm through using the public conception of traditional representational painting as a kind of social currency.

Matt started the 100 Faces project in 2005. It has been shown at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Outwin Boocheever Portrait Competition, for the US Congress, and at Museums, Colleges and Galleries across the country. For a full exhibition list see the 100 Faces website. Grants include Mass Humanities, Haymarket, and St. Paul Cultural Star. Other awards include the "Arts and Culture" award of WFCR Western New England Public Radio. The work has been covered by: NPR Weekend Edition, Sunday, CBS Evening News, BBC World News America, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. "American Artist" Magazine featured an article on one of his oil techniques. Matt is a graduate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.

The 100 Faces project is built on earlier experiences working with collectively generated aesthetics in community gardens in Manhattan's Lower East Side, and upon years of work as a painter/illustrator.


Amherst, MA01002