People's Press Project


1517 4th Ave. S.
Moorhead, MN56560
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Arts Organization
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The People’s Press Project (PPP) was created in May 2010 to address media justice issues of access and equity in rural North Dakota and Minnesota. The PPP is located in Moorhead on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota in the region known as the Fargo-Moorhead (F-M) community. With the sharp decline in print media, the change over to DTV, and the increase of online media, the PPP seeks to level the playing field for all community members to access media and be not just consumers of media but producers of media.

PPP is Fargo-Moorhead’s only non-profit dedicated to empowering the community to impart media, rather than being consumers of media. We stand for the development and proliferation of Independent Media and the creation of new community based journalists to inform the community of the real news by the people and for the people. We do this through training, access to equipment, and strategic opportunities to develop media through Independent news sources, Social Networks, and through the web.