EcoArt South Florida


429 30th Street
West Palm Beach, FL33407
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Arts Organization
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Catalyzing development of South Florida as a major center for EcoArt practice through establishment of EcoArt Nodes in each of South Florida's five watersheds. We define EcoArt as a practice that fuses aesthetics, science and community engagement. It is inspired by an ecological ethic in content, form and materials. EcoArt's goal is to develop respect for, stimulate dialogue about, and directly participate in the long term flourishing of ecological health.EcoArt commonly manifests as socially engaged, activist, community based, restorative or interventionist art. We define EcoArt Nodes as committed groups of stakeholders in a particular community, with a strong organization at its center (either as its own nonprofit, or as a subunit of an existing organization) dedicated to growing EcoArt and supporting emerging EcoArtists in their locale. EcoArt South Florida partners with traditional arts councils and commissions, public art entities, professional organizations of engineers, architects and landscape architects and environmental advocacy organizations to grow EcoArt throughout the South Florida region.