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Brave New Films
Culver City, CA
Brave New Films uses new media and internet video campaigns to motivate people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Theaters ( is a web site with trailers for films that address social issues and a toolkit for organizing a screening.
Bread & Roses
Corte Madera, CA
Bread & Roses brings hope and healing through live music to isolated individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our performances uplift the spirits of children undergoing chemotherapy, teens battling substance abuse, families in homeless shelters, seniors nearing the end of life transition, and others living apart from friends and family while facing challenging times. This profile courtesy of Arts & Democracy.
New York, NY
Breakthrough is an innovative international human rights organization that uses the power of popular culture, media, and community mobilization to transform public attitudes and advance equality, justice, and dignity in India and the United States. We empower individuals and communities to stand for universal human rights by using multimedia tools that transform hearts and minds. Based in India and the United States, Breakthrough addresses critical global issues including violence against women, sexuality and HIV/AIDS, and immigrant rights and racial justice.
Brett Cook
San Diego, CA
Brett Cook is an artist and educator who uses his socially conscious creative practice to transform opposing worlds. For over two decades, Cook has produced installations, exhibitions, curricula, and events widely across the United States, and internationally. His museum work features drawing, painting, photography, and elaborate installations that make intimately personal experiences universally accessible.
Bring it to the Table
Montclair, NJ
Democracy is founded on robust dialogue, but somewhere along the line, politics replaced sex as the one thing in America we don’t discuss in mixed company – even amongst friends and family. Bring it to the Table is a participatory online platform, community engagement campaign, and webisode series aimed at bridging political divides and elevating the national conversation. The project is for those who are tired of hyper-partisanship. Here’s how it works: - We are taking a Table Tour to communities across America, where we will invite people to sit down and express their beliefs on camera.
Bronx Council on the Arts
Bronx, NY
The Bronx Council on the Arts provides financial support for community-based arts organizations and individual artists.
Broward Cultural Division
Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Broward County Commission's Cultural Division’s (BCD) mission is to enhance the community's cultural environment through the development of the arts. The Commission’s vision is to create a cutting-edge network of accessible cultural activities throughout Broward County, and to foster participation of residents through alliances between arts and culture, education and social service sectors.
Brushfire - Provisions Public Arts
Washington, DC
BrushFire was an arts initiative showcasing key contemporary artists whose public projects engage crucial social issues such as immigration, the war in Iraq, food, sustainable energy, housing, the electoral process, the economy, health, and the environment. Taking place in highly visible public settings such as state fairs, urban centers, public parks and highly trafficked recreational areas around the United States, BrushFire aimed to enrich the environment for public discussion about the value of democracy in the crucial run-up to national elections in November, 2008.
Building Home
Blacksburg, VA
The Building Home project is a story of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from the Department of Theatre and Cinema at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, and community artists, actors, and musicians working in partnership with our regional planning office. Building Home use storytelling and theater-making techniques to facilitate and stimulate public conversation about the future of the New River Valley region of southwest Virginia. Through this, Building Home has facilitated community engagement with participatory democracy and civic practice.  
Portland, OR
With the cities of Evanston & Chicago, Illinois, Hartford, Connecticut, and Portland, Oregon as lenses, BUILT explored the changing United States city, and the challenges of housing, infrastructure, neighborhood cohesion, and equity all present as our population continues to exponentially increase in the coming years. The public series of research, installation, dialogue, interview, and performance events of varied scale led up to a culminating theatrical event/production in Portland in September 2008.
Busboys and Poets
Washington, DC
Busboys and Poets is a Washington DC area restaurant, bookstore, fair trade market, and community gathering place where artists, activists, writers, thinkers, and dreamers can discuss issues of social justice and peace. With its flagship location at 14th and V Streets, Busboys and Poets is located in three distinctive neighborhoods in the metropolitan Washington DC area. Each Busboys and Poets location seeks to enhance the community by bringing together a diverse clientele reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Bush Foundation
St. Paul, MN
The Bush Foundation wants to help shape vibrant communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and in the 23 sovereign tribal nations that share the same geography. They invest in courageous and effective leadership that significantly strengthens and improves the well-being of people in these areas.
photo of Byron Au Yong
Byron Au Yong
San Francisco, CA
Byron Au Yong (歐陽良仁) composes songs of dislocation prompted by a broken lineage. Upcoming projects include Activist Songbook, 53 raps and songs to counteract hate and energize movements (Asian Arts Initiative, International Festival of Arts & Ideas, Montalvo Arts Center) and 9 Lifeboats, a performance handbook installation about climate displacement (Exploratorium).
Café Society Meetings
Chicago, IL
Critical Encounters hosts Café Society meetings at campus galleries and exhibits. Café Society meetings are opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to come together and talk about the larger implications of the images we confront and create.
Portland, OR
Portland, OR
Caldera is a catalyst for the transformation of underserved youth through innovative, year-round art and environmental programs. 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Caldera, which each year mentors over 430 youth from Central Oregon and Portland. Focusing on youth from both urban and rural communities with limited access to educational, economic, and physical resource opportunities, Caldera nurtures individual creativity to ignite self-expression and transform the way young people engage in their lives, families, and communities.
California Arts Council
Sacramento, CA
The California Arts Council has the mission to advance California through the arts and creativity with an emphasis on children and artistically underserved communities. The agency encourages widespread public participation in the arts; helps build strong arts organizations at the local level; assists with the professional development of arts leaders; promotes awareness of the value of the arts; and directly support arts program for children and communities.
California Community Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Strengthening Los Angeles communities through effective philanthropy and civic engagement.
California Poets in the Schools
San Francisco, CA
California Poets in the Schools is the largest writers-in-schools program in the nation. While encouraging youth self-expression through creative writing and art, the program also seeks to foster cultural diversity by utilizing multicultural teaching materials and hiring poets and artists of color.
Call & Response: A Mini-Series
Brooklyn, NY
Over the course of three Sundays in Fall 2011, the Asian American Arts Alliance (a4) will host Call & Response, a series of three events commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and announcing a4’s Locating the Sacred festival slated for fall 2012. Call & Response provides opportunities for citizens of New York to come together at intimate gatherings to explore the sacredness that exists in the creative interactions we foster with each other.